Photos Sought for Volume 2 of The Way We Were



This November the Morgan County Historical Society will publish Volume 2 in the Way We Were book series.  The committee working on the book is looking for a number of photos to accompany articles.  If you have one of these photos or something similar, please contact Laura Marks at or 217-245-4111.

Here are a few of the photos the committee is seeking:

A photo from the Jacksonville Sportsman's Club to accompany an article on the history of trapshooting in Jacksonville.  The photo above is the one that originally ran with the article.  Ideally, we would like that photo.



This photo or one similar to it showing the First Presbyterian Church following a fire in 1883.

Fine young men_Page_1.jpg

This photo or something similar showing members of the Jacksonville Jaycees to accompany an article on the organization


A photo of Chapin from the late 1800s ideally of Horace and Lyman Chapin.


A tie that binds_Page_1.jpg

 This photo of Willis McDonald.

The church at the creek_Page_1.jpg

This photo or something similar to accompany the story on the history of Berea Christian Church.