Watch Out for Fraudulent Checks


Particularly at this time of year scammers are busy trying to get people to fall for their schemes. 


  • Remember, if you receive an unexpected check in the mail, it's likely a scam designed to take your money. 


  • Often when a customer deposits a check, we will put a hold on the account for the amount of the check.  If we place a hold, we will give you a form telling when the funds will be available but there is a big note of caution.  While funds will be available on a certain date, that does not mean the check is good. The check could still be returned.  If it is returned it will be charged back to your account and you are legally responsible to ensure adequate funds exist to cover the check. 


Should you receive a check and wonder if it is legitimate, you can always bring it to the bank and ask us to check it out before you deposit it into your account.