Merchant Card Processing

In today's world, accepting debit and credit cards for every business is nearly a must. Here are five good reasons to accept plastics.

Improved cash flow and financial security

Cash flow is a major concern for any small business – and credit and debit cards allow you to access your resources whenever your business needs them. Both cash and check payments require your staff to take time out of the working day to deposit payments. And with checks, there's always the possibility of the item being returned for one of a variety of reasons. Credit and debit cards guarantee that you receive payment for all of your sales.

More sales and greater transaction values

Customers that pay by credit and debit card consistently spend more than customers paying by any other payment method.

Expand your business with ecommerce sales

Internet and telephone transactions offer consumers an unparalleled level of convenience and simplicity – and as a result, these types of ecommerce purchases are growing at a stunning pace. Small businesses that don’t accept credit cards and debit cards can’t capitalize on this lucrative trend.

Keep pace with competitors

Small businesses are starting to realize that credit and debit card transactions represent an extremely lucrative revenue stream. As a result, growing numbers of businesses are finding ways to accept card transactions and you could soon be in the minority of businesses that don’t.

It’s what your customers want

Small businesses that refuse to accept debit cards and credit cards aren’t just missing out on sales; they risk alienating their customer base. Happy customers make for brand loyalty and repeat customers – and promoting the convenience and security of card transactions is a great step towards fostering that relationship.

If you don't currently accept debit and credit cards or are unhappy with your current merchant card processor, explore the option available through our partner, Elavon. Contact anyone in customer service and we'll put you in touch with a representative from Elavon to discuss all they have to offer you.