Puts You in Control!  And it's free! 

 Ever misplaced your debit card?  It always seems to happen when the bank's not open.  With MobiMoney you can use the app on your phone to turn your card off so it cannot be used.  Then when you find it, you can turn the card back on and it's ready to go in an instant.

That's just one of the features of MobiMoney.  Here are a few more

  • Set Usage Limits (Control Preferences) - You have a multitude of settings available to you to control how and where your card can be used.  You can limit usage by geographic location, merchant type, transaction type or dollar amount.
  • See Notifications (Alert Preferences) - Instruct MobiMoney to alert you each time a transaction is performed or only when certain types of transactions are performed based on geographic location, merchant type, transaction type or dollar amount.  And one of the great things about MobiMoney is should a transaction be denied you will also be notified and with a simple swipe can see details of why the transaction was declined.
  • View Debit Card Transactions (Recent Transactions) - See a listing of debit card transactions on your account for the last 30 days.
  • Transfer Funds (Linked Accounts) - Transfer funds between accounts associated with your debit card

Enrolling is easy!

To download MobiMoney:                                                                                         

  • Open the Google Play Store or Apple App Store
  • Search for “MobiMoney”    
  • Tap Download/Install

 *MobiMoney is compatible with any Android device using 3.x OS or newer or any Apple devices using and Apple iOS 6.x or newer.


  • Once download is complete, tap the MobiMoney app icon on your device
  • Tap the “new user” button at the bottom of the screen
  • Enter your 16 digit card number
  • Enter your address, security code, and card expiration date
  • Enter the last 4 digits of your SSN
  • Accept terms & conditions
  • Create Your Account
  • User ID, Select password, Enter your email address

*If you have trouble registering, verify that the address, SSN, & Expiration Date being entered in the MobiMoney app matches the information at your institution.

Should you ever forget your MobiMoney password, simply enter your user ID and click the "Forgot Password" button.  An email will be sent to you with login instructions and you have the fifteen minutes to use it to get logged back in.  If the email doesn't arrive in your inbox within moments of requesting it, you may want to check your email junk folder.