Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is a great way to move money electronically. It automatically deposits your paycheck, pension, Social Security, or other regular monthly income into your checking, savings, or Money Market account. It’s convenient, secure, and saves trips to your banking center.

Setting up your direct deposit is simple; all you need are some direct deposit forms from whoever is paying you and a voided check.

Step 1. Obtain direct deposit forms from your employer or payor
The first step in direct deposit enrollment is to ask your employer or payor for direct deposit forms. These are generally very basic forms and will ask you for the following information to set up direct deposit:

Jacksonville Savings Bank's ABA or routing number. It is 281271137 and can found on the bottom left of your checks. (See image below)

Your account number. For your checking account, you can find the account number on the bottom of the check to the right of the routing number.It may be the last series of numbers as shown in the image below or it may be the series of digits in between the bank's routing number and the check number.

Image of a check illustrating routing number, check number and account numbers

The bank's address which is 1211 W. Morton, Jacksonville, Illinois 62650.

Step 2. Submit the form to your employer or payor.  You may be asked to submit a voided check. This will allow the employer to verify the above information. Write VOID in large letters in ink across the check, covering most lines so that nothing else can be written in on the check.

To enroll in direct deposit for your social security benefits visit or call 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778).