Ron Norris

Ron is a graduate of both the Illinois Bankers School of Banking in Carbondale, IL and the American Bankers Association Commercial Banking School in Norman, OK.  On top of that, he’s been in the banking field for over 35 years.   Ron is the manager of Litchfield Community Savings.

Are you experiencing a major life event? Getting married? Having a child? Retiring? Starting a new business? If so, you may have many financial questions. Give Ron a call and he'll put together for you your own bank team to assist you in all areas, deposit accounts, transactions, electronic banking, investing, and lending.

Ron Norris
NMLS # 762766
Litchfield Community Savings
501 N. State
Litchfield, IL  62056
Phone:  217-324-2576
Fax:  217-324-2582