PayYourWay Cards

A reloadable, pre-paid card that can be used anywhere Visa® is accepted which makes it practical for many uses such as:

  • A Payroll Card
  • A Student Card
  • A Holiday Fund Card
  • A Rainy Day Card


The most common use of the PayYourWay card is as a payroll card. It's perfect for someone who doesn't currently have a bank account because it offers:

  • Convenience - Your employer can use the exact same system for direct deposit to a bank account to load your PayYourWay. First thing the morning of payday, your wages will be automatically loaded onto your card. You'll have access to your funds immediately. There's no waiting in line at the bank or check cashing service.
  • Safety - Since your PayYourWay card can be used anywhere Visa© is accepted including ATMs so there's no need to carry around your full pay in cash.
  • Savings - With no more check cashing fees, it's like getting a raise! And the PayYourWay card can be used online or over the phone to pay bills eliminating the need to purchase money orders or cashier's checks.


For high school and college students, the PayYourWay card is the ideal solution for both student and parents. Because it can be used anywhere Visa is accepted, the student can make purchases and get cash easily. And once the funds are depleted, mom and dad can easily load funds onto the card.

Holiday Fund

Just like building funds for traveling, you can do the same for Christmas. Have your employer deposit a portion of each pay onto your card. Or, if you have a Christmas Club but don't want to mingle your holidays savings with your regular funds once the Club pays out, load the monies onto your PayYourWay card.

Rainy Day

Financial experts always recommend building a rainy day fund in case of an emergency. Loading funds onto a PayYourWay card and then storing the card in a safe place such as a safe deposit box, might be a solution that works for you.

Features of the PayYourWay Card include:

  • Reloadable. May be loaded up to $1000.00 daily. Funds loaded on the card can be cash or from an account with Jacksonville Savings Bank, First Midwest, Litchfield Community Savings or Chapin State Bank or directly deposited from your employer. There is no load limit for amount of direct deposit.
  • No fee for loading the card
  • No set-up fee
  • $1 Per Month Service Fee*
  • Permanent card may be used anywhere Visa is accepted including ATMs and at any financial institution which offers Visa cash advances. Permanent card may be used for online purchases.
  • Instant issue temporary card can be used anywhere Visa PIN based transactions are accepted.
    Cardholder can opt for cash back at point of sale locations that offer that service. 

    Note: Some service stations may not accept card for pay at the pump transactions. 

You can get your card at the Jacksonville Savings Bank West Morton office in Jacksonville, First Midwest in Virden or Litchfield Community Savings in Litchfield. For more information, call customer service at 217-245-4111.

*See disclosure documents for complete details on additional features, fees and limitations.