Money Market Savings

If you have built up your savings and are looking for a higher return, Money Market Savings offers tiered interest rates so the higher the balance, the higher your rate of interest.


  • $10,000 minimum opening balance
  • No monthly service charge with a balance of $2,500 or more
  • $10 monthly service charge if balance falls below $2,500
  • Interest paid monthly
  • Quarterly statement
  • $5 per item fee in excess of Reg D limits*

Current Deposit Rate Sheet.

*Regulation D Transactions - Transfers from a savings or money market account to another account or to third parties by check, online banking, mobile banking, or telephone banking or preauthorized or automatic transfers from a savings or money market account are limited to six per monthly statement cycle by Regulation D.  These limitations do not apply to in person withdrawals or withdrawals at ATMs or automatic loan payments to loans at Jacksonville Savings Bank, Chapin State Bank, First Midwest in Virden or Litchfield Community Savings.